Review: Shadow by Colleen Oakes

Monday, July 17, 2017

Shadow by Colleen Oakes
Wendy Darling #3
Publisher: Sparkpress
Publication Date: July 18th, 2017
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: Netgalley
Format: eARC

Summary (from Goodreads):

Wendy Darling has found herself once again in the arms of charming Peter Pan, the god-child who desires power above all things. This time, though, Wendy burns not with passion but with a secret: with Hook as her ally, she is there to defeat the evil that lies inside of Peter, the evil that holds all Neverland hostage: the Shadow.
To do this, Wendy must quietly undo Peter from inside his heart while at the same time convincing Tink to betray the twisted love that binds them together. This is a task made nearly impossible by the arrival of Booth, her sweetheart from London and a new pawn in Peter's manipulative game, a boy whose heart she must break in order to save his life. As all of Neverland prepares to fight, Wendy races to untangle Peter's connection to the Shadow, a secret long buried in the Forsaken Garden. When the time comes, pirates, mermaids, Lost Boys, and the Darling family will all rise, but if Wendy can't call the Shadow, they will all be destroyed by Peter's dark soul. War has come to paradise, and Neverland will never be the same. Wendy Darling: Shadow is the thrilling final installment in Colleen Oakes' Wendy Darling Trilogy."

Shadow by Colleen Oakes picks up right where Seas left off. Wendy has just returned to Pan Island armed with a plan that she and her ally, Captain Hook, came up with. She has to convince Peter that she still loves him so that she can steal his pipes. Then she has to get Tink to teach her the song to call the shadow from Peter so she can destroy it and save Neverland from the war that is brewing.

The plan gets altered a little bit when Wendy arrives back to Pan Island to discover that Booth, the boy from London that she loves, is Peter's prisoner. Now she has to get the pipes, the information she needs from Tink, Booth AND John and escape Pan Island.

I want to say that this is probably my favorite installment in this series. I don't remember a lot about what has gone on in the previous books, but this book seems to have the highest stakes and the most action. If Wendy's plan doesn't work, she stands to lose everything. Her brothers, the boy she loves, the Lost Boys she has come to love, and any chance she might ever have to make it back home to London.

Wendy is as brave as ever in this book. She is determined to save Neverland, and even Peter. She puts herself in harm's way over and over again for these people that she barely knows.

Through this whole series I have pretty much hated John. But I loved that he and Wendy kind of repaired their relationship in this book. Even if he is a brat, he's still Wendy's little brother and she loves him. He's still kind of a brat in this book, but you understand his feelings more and I didn't actually hate him in this one.

Booth is a character that we haven't really since since Wendy was taken from London in book one. I really like Booth and I really like Wendy and Booth together. But I felt like their relationship in this book was too easy. 

John flies back to London and kidnaps Booth, brings him to Neverland where Peter holds him prisoner and he has to watch Peter and Wendy be all lovey-dovey and listen to Wendy say such horrible things about him. Then he pretty much just accepts her apology and explanation at face value? I just feel like there should have been more work involved to make their relationship work again.

Something else I would have liked in this book would have been more interaction between Wendy and Captain Hook and his crew. I feel like their reunion left a lot to be desired for me after all that they went through together in book two. I don't know. I just felt like there could have been more with the pirates.

Then we have the ending. It isn't a bad ending. There's nothing wrong with it, it isn't disappointing. I just don't know how I feel about it! Nothing that happened is totally unexpected from this story, but it isn't really a happy ending. I feel like after everything that happened to EVERYONE in this story, they should have gotten at least a semi-happy ending!!

Overall, I really enjoyed this series. It had a fun twist on a classic fairytale. If you're a fan of Peter Pan, I think that you would like this series. If you like pirate stories you would probably like this series as well.

Have you read the Wendy Darling series? What did you think of it? What's your favorite Peter Pan retelling?

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