November 2015 Wrap Up

Friday, December 4, 2015

During November I got five books read. So it really wasn't too wild of a reading month, but the few books that I did read were all fairly good so that's awesome! I have four seasons of tv shows in my possession and I keep looking at them sadly wanting to watch them, but I have a few books I want to read before I can let myself sit down and binge them. So I think I read so few books because I desperately wanted to be watching my new shows!

Anyway! Here is what I read!

I finally read the Grisha trilogy this month! Thanks to Brittany for pushing them at me! I can't believe it took me so long to read these books! 

I read this one for a blog tour I'm doing in January! I'm generally not huge into contemporary, but I really enjoyed this book! The review for this one will be on my blog tour post in January!

This was a book that I was asked by the author to review! It's about a world in which music is illegal! It's a pretty interesting read! Review to come!

What was your favorite book that you read this month?


Posts of interest from this month:

I participated in the new feature, Guest of the Month Club, by Emily Reads Everything! I was paired with Rhea from Rhea's Neon Journal! The post can be found here ---> X.

I participated in the Shelfie Hop so if you're curious about what my bookshelves look like, you can check that out here ---> X.

I was asked by Ryan from to go through their antique books and make a post on what my dream literary collection would look like. If you're curious to see what old books I thought looked interesting, feel free to check that out here ---> X.

I participated in my first blog tour for Irish Banana Tours! I shared an excerpt from the book Design the Life You Love by Ayse Birsel! You can view that right here ---> X.

Finally, I did a few discussion posts! I wrote about one of my hobbies, book collecting, and preordering books!


This month hasn't been too eventful for the most part. My boyfriend's mom got a new puppy. I somehow keep managing to get stuck puppy sitting him (which isn't so bad, but also I feel like she's trying to get me to take him instead of taking care of him herself and I don't like that idea).

I got to go home for Thanksgiving which was great! The ride there wasn't so great though. My boyfriend has a camaro that he rarely ends up driving, but when he goes home with me he likes to take it out for a drive. When we were just like 30 minutes out from finally getting to my dad's house, we ended up hitting a dog. :( It was dark and it was a dark colored dog and there was just no time to stop. It ended up taking off a corner of the front of the car and some kind of reservoir for some kind of fluid. So had to wait for the cops and everything and it was just bad. Kinda put a damper on the whole holiday because it was all anyone wanted to talk about.

I only got to stay home for one full day. I had to go back on Thursday because I had to work on Friday. I work in a warehouse shipping internet orders so it has been VERY busy since Thanksgiving. Especially the day after Cyber Monday, if you can imagine. Order volume should steadily go down from here, thank goodness.

I turned 25 this month! Had a pretty sweet birthday. Ever since I got my current job, my birthday is kind of lame. But I got the day before off and I basically just did nothing all day and I loved every minute of it.

I participated in #TBTBSanta for the first time and sent my gift out to my secret santa and also received my gift from my own secret santa! It was great!! I love secret santa programs so I'm glad I got to participate in this one! I also participated in the Sip Swap and got my mug from my partner and I love it! It's a Beauty and the Beast cup so it literally couldn't be any more perfect!

HIGHLIGHT OF THE MONTH: I got the illustrated Harry Potter book for $7.84 off Amazon with one of their holiday coupons and my points from my Amazon credit card. I can't wait til they're back in stock so they can ship it to me!

I guess that is really as eventful as my month got. I hope everyone had a wonderful November and I hope you have an even BETTER December!


  1. You read Shadow & Bone!! YES. I recently just got my sister to read it too and she thinks Mal is amazing.
    My favorite books I have read this month (I can't pick one XD) are Astaroth by Jennifer Field and Cross the Line by Julie Johnson!

    1. Mal is pretty awesome! I haven't heard of either of those books that you mentioned, but I will definitely check them out! Always looking for new, fun books to read! :)

  2. So glad that you loved the Grisha books! I told you that they were awesome! Great Wrap-Up, cadet =)

    1. They were VERY awesome! So glad I listened to you! :)


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