Discussion: Video Game Love!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Welcome to another About Me Discussion post! Today I'm going to talk about my hobby of playing video games!

I'm not a SUPER avid video game player, but I do enjoy playing them. And my boyfriend and I together pretty much have all the consoles.

We've got an Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Original NES/ Super NES combo console, GameCube, Nintendo 64, Wii U, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 3DS, and a PSP. Along with about a zillion games for each of these.

(The 3DS is my baby.)

If you can't tell from the two above pictures, I love Yoshi and Zelda. When new consoles come out, I buy them solely for the new Yoshi and Zelda games. Mostly Zelda. Because Zelda = <3. 

I have been a huge Zelda fan since I started watching my mom play Ocarina of Time when I was younger, which is, to this day, my favorite video game of all time! I remember how much fun my sister and I would have watching my mom play that game. I think my mom thought we were weird because we would ask her to play so we could watch and she thought that must be boring for us. But apparently we thought it was like watching a movie.

I also remember how my mom had the official game guide for Ocarina of Time and I flipped through that thing over and over and over! I remember having a little notebook and listing all the places, the characters, the villains, everything. I was really weird as a kid.

But after all that watching and game guide reading, I could beat the first boss on the first round of sword slashes. Ghoma never got back to the ceiling on me.

It has only been in the past few years that I actually started beating games that I started playing. Most recently was Wind Waker and Oracle of Ages. 

I HATED Oracle of Ages. I cheated through that whole game and on the final boss it seriously took me like two days to beat it. I tried like 15+ times each day and I couldn't do it and I was mere seconds away from throwing that stupid Gameboy against the wall.

I really only play Nintendo games. I don't like the controls on Xbox and I've never played a Playstation before. 

I have a bunch of Zelda T-shirts that I like to wear. I was wearing a Wind Waker, stained glass window design t-shirt to work one day and someone at my work asked me if I actually played or if I was just a video game fashionista. Pfffft.

Most recently I've been working on playing Hyrule Warriors. I have almost all of the first Adventure Mode map unlocked! I have three squares left to unlock! I also just started playing Yoshi's Wooly World! It's probably the cutest video game ever! I love it! Oh! And I've been working on Spirit Tracks on my 3DS, but recently had to put it down because I wanted to shake the stupid thing to pieces. For the instrument you get in that game, you have to blow into the microphone to play it and I COULDN'T DO IT AND I WAS SO ANGRY!!!!


Anyway, does anyone else out there like video games? What's your favorite franchise?


  1. I'm also a huge Nintendo nerd! I love their games more than any other company and I agree about the controls. I'm lucky enough to work near the Nintendo Store in NYC and I cannot even tell you how many days I spend my lunch break there!

    1. Ahhh! That sounds like so much fun! I can't imagine what kind of amazing haven the Nintendo Store is! I need to check a place like that out! I would totally spend my lunch break there too! Nintendo nerds unite!

  2. I am not much of a video game person at all. I used to have a Gameboy Color which I used for Pokemon and a game called Shanghai Pocket but then I sold it because I stopped using it and the screen was really getting too small for me to see. I was really into Neopets (online gaming/virtual pet site) for years but I wound up drifting from that after starting my first full-time job and also having the site go through a transition that left a lot of it non-functional. Now though I get to play video games with teens (or at least facilitate the teens playing) during Teen Tech Time programs. We have a wii which is used for MarioKart and Just Dance games and also a wii U which is the bane of my existence because I hate Smash Brothers and the console keeps not working when I try to use it.

    1. I just recently started playing a pokemon game on a gameboy advance my BF got my for Christmas. I am kicking so much butt with my Charizard. I used to be really into Neopets too! Oh my word! I went on there every single day to play my three favorite games! I was saving up my neopoints so I could buy a paintbrush! I think I had like 100,000 points in the bank (so close to my paintbrush) and my sister got on my account and wanted to help me out and she spent ALL of my neopoints on an INFINITE BAG OF NEGGS! I wanted to smother her in her sleep. I gave up on neopets after that. But then awhile later, out of pure boredom, my friend and I made neopets accounts and she had literally just gotten done making her first neopet and her account was already suspended because she named her neopet Gangster Banana. Apparently you can't talk about gangs on there. Good times, good times.


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