Love-A-Thon 2016: Mini Challenge #2

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hello lovely readers! I am here doing Mini Challenge #2 for the Love-A-Thon hosted by AlexaCeeHazel, and Mel!

This is a bingo challenge! So let's see how many of these squares I can fill in!

Visit 5 new blogs:

Join one of the Love-A-Thon twitter chats:

Twitter Chat #1
Twitter Chat #2
Twitter Chat #3
Twitter Chat #4

Participate in one other challenge:

Mini Challenge #4

Find 3 new instagram accounts (and follow):

1. Admire_Stories
2. Mel_1704
3. PopGoesTheReader

Leave a comment on some of your favorite blogs:

Tweet 3 of your favorite authors:

Watch 3 videos from new youtubers (and follow):

1. Novels and Nonsense
2. BangadyBangz
3. Katytastic

Dedicate a blog post to talk about some of your favorite blogs, youtube, and instagram accounts:

Color Hunt - Find a blog with a purple, blue, and pink design:

After a lot of hunting, I found that Writer Grrl Reads has pink, purple, and blue in her design!


  1. *waves* HI CYRA! Thank you for the blog love. <3 I have been seeing the Love a Thon posts and tweets, such a wonderful event! Wish I had more time, I'd totally do it. :D Hope it's as fun and fabulous as it seems. :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. You are oh so very welcome! :) It is really fun! I'm glad I signed up for it! It is very fun! I think the book spine poetry challenge has been my favorite part so far!

  2. Thanks for the follow on Instagram :D Awesome job on the colour hunt!

    Thanks for joining!

    1. You're so welcome! And thank you! I didn't think finding a blog design with those colors would be as hard as it was!

  3. Well, apparently, you are totally kicking butt at this challenge! LOVE. IT. I hope you had fun visiting all these different blogs and accounts, and maybe found some new friends and inspiration <3

    1. I am sure trying! I had a huge blast participating in this! It was so much fun! I am so glad I decided to participate in this! Thank you for hosting! :)


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