I've Been Blogging For One Year!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Can you guess what today is?! Today I have been blogging for one whole year! Can you believe it? I can't! I really wasn't sure if I'd ever make it this far, but here I am! It has been such a fun year and I am very much looking forward to what year two will have in store for me here!

Here's how it all began:

I used to be a lot more active on tumblr than I am now. Which my activity on there right now is like nonexistent, but that used to take up a LOT of my free time. I was really into lurking in the bookblr community. That led me to finding bloggers on twitter which led me to finally making the plunge and starting my own blog!

I mostly wanted to start this blog because I don't know anyone in real life who reads like I do and I just was dying to have someone to talk to about the books I was reading! I have kind of gotten my sister into reading, but she actually reads really slowly and it kills me a little bit inside.

The other reason I started it was because I NEEDED people to talk to that weren't the BF or his family. I have lived here for almost three years now and I've learned that if I'm not forced to be in close proximity to people my own age, I'm not gonna make friends! I am not socially outgoing so I have yet to make a friend in this town. That is both fine and awful. I just kind of miss people that aren't the BF's family.


(Eater of Books)
You were my first blog friend! I so so so appreciate that you took the time to comment on basically all of my early posts so I didn't feel like I was talking to myself on the internet! I also appreciate you being one of my first trades on #booksfortrade and helping me out with my Alexandra Bracken collection! Thank you for being so awesome all the time! :)

(Brittany's Book Rambles)

Captain! I'm so glad that we became friends! I love your book themed chats and chatting with you during them! And I always seem to learn about new awesome books when I check out your Waiting on Wednesday posts and I love that! You are super awesome!

Faith & Alexandra
(Faith's Bookspiration & Literary Legionnaire)

You two were two of the first twitter friends I ever made through twitter chats! It always makes me happy when I see you guys during chats and when we get to chat during them! You both are so lovely!

Also, happy blogoversary in ONE WEEK, Alexandra!

(Flying Through Fiction)

I love that we share deep feelings for Alexandra Bracken's The Darkest Minds series! And I'm glad that that's what got us paired in that Blogger Penpals thing that we tried out! You are so awesome and I'm so glad we met! Hopefully we can meet in real life!

(Miss Print)

I quite appreciate how you always leave thoughtful comments on my discussion posts. Even if my discussions are kinda dumb, I feel like I always learn something when you stop by and I love it! I also am SO grateful for the ARC of Stealing Snow that you sent me! And all the ones I was able to read through your ARC Adoption program!


We don't really talk all that much, but I GREATLY appreciate you talking me through what to expect when I went to the PassTruth Tour! I was super nervous, but you answering all my questions made me feel 1000% better! You are also the first and only fellow blogger I've met in real life which was awesome even if it was kinda just like "LOL, hi!"


80 Books Reviewed
19,918 Page Views
49 GFC Followers
657 Twitter Followers
68 Bloglovin' Followers
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333 Posts


There have been so many amazing things that have happened in the past year, but a few of the most memorable would have to be:

Meeting Alexandra Bracken and Susan Dennard for the PassTruth Tour! This was so amazing and I would love love love for them to come semi-near me again because I would SO GO!

I got approved for my first physical ARC from a publisher! Working with St. Martin's Press has been so wonderful!

And I started an awesome feature! You can check it out through the link at the top of my blog! It's called A Glimpse Back in Time!

Out of all of the fantastic things that have happened in the last year, I think those three things are my favorite!


My One Year Blogoversary Giveaway is going to be an RT + Follow giveaway on Twitter! If you don't follow me, I'm @cyraschaefer!

US Only

Winner gets to choose any book that I've reviewed in my year of blogging. If you follow my blog as well, I'll let you choose two!

This giveaway is gonna go until I have the spare money to buy the prize. I just had to spend $600 to put tires on my car so I'm not sure if my next paycheck will cover that plus the bills I have to pay with it! So this will go for at least 3 weeks, possibly longer.

May the odds be ever in your favor!


  1. Yay for one year! You've got this because the first year is the most difficult. Before I started blogging my sister was the only one I had to talk books with, too, but she reads mainly Romances *bleck* and Cozies *yawns*, so it was slim pickings amongst the books we did have in common. I agree, it is stellar having bookish people to talk with. Thanks for listing your support blogs. I will be checking them out. Here's to another year of fabulous book blogging. CONGRATULATIONS!

    1. I should have mentioned a lot more people in my VIPs, but when I was making the post I didn't even think of giving just mentions of other people! I feel bad because there's so many more people who deserve a mention! But I'm too lazy to go and fix it! NEXT YEAR! Thank you! I hope the next year is just as fabulous as the first one has been! I hope you love all the support blogs because they are all such fantastic people! :)

  2. Ahhh I can't believe I missed this post, I suck! CONGRATS!!! <3 I'm so happy we became friends ^__^ You're awesome!

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

    1. Haha! Thaaaank yooou! You are super awesome as well! I'm happy we became friends too! Blogging brought some of the best people into my life and I love it!


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