Review: A Blanket For Decay by Zack Scott

Monday, June 20, 2016

Their Dead Lives #3
Publisher: Zack Scott Publishing
Publication Date: April 4th, 2016
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Source: Review Copy from the Author
Pages: 560

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Summary (from Goodreads):

Snow falls across California as the conflict between the Arrows of America and Hunters of Cali escalates into a brutal war. 

Jeff, Scot, Alec and Kale are caught in the middle of the bloodbath. As bodies fall and true intentions are discovered, the four guys will decide once and for all what side they fight for... or maybe no side at all.

Meanwhile, Agent Lea Gallo uncovers the terrifying truth inside the Vault.

Confession: Writing reviews for series finales is one of my least favorite things to do. I'm finding that especially true with this review. I don't know what to say to not spoil anything and everything.

The final book in the THEIR DEAD LIVES series has more bloodshed, death, and violence than the previous books I'm pretty sure. You pretty much shouldn't get attached to any characters in this book.

Something that this book seems to be lacking more than the rest of the books is zombies. They're still present, but not as numerous. They also don't seem to be as threatening, but I suppose if you've had to deal with them for a year now, you'd probably be more like, "Ew, a zombie," rather than freaking out and running for your life.

This book has plenty of action between fights between characters, the looming war between the Hunters of Cali and the Arrows of America, a battle with the Embracers and their undead army, and the final challenge of trying to destroy the Eradicator of Life.

After losing his eye and nearly losing something more precious to him, Scot seems to be trying to work on being a better person. He knows that his actions haven't been all that great and he really seems to step up to be better for Kelsey and so that he can save the world.

Jeff has taken a dark turn after being attacked by Alec and having darkness inserted into his heart. Before that conflict, he was always trying his best to help people and save the world. Now he seems to pretty much be doing the same thing, but is having to fight incredibly dark thoughts along the way. But he seems to be stronger than the dark part of him.

Kale seems to be about the same as in the last few books. In the beginning, I think he still is wanting to kind of like take over the world, but along the way, I think he starts being more concerned with saving it with his friends than taking it over. He deals with a lot of crap for being a monster and having people constantly trying to kill him for things he did when the darkness was more prevalent in him, but I think he deals with things pretty well.

Alec is still pining after Nicole. He's still angry with pretty much everyone except really Scot for the parts they played in her death. There were parts in this book where it seemed like he might have finally been coming to terms with her death and trying to maybe move on, but he just can't. Even after a year, he can't get over her.

There are a few new characters introduced and lots going on with all of the characters still around from the last book, but I'll be writing this for the next twelve years if I were to try and talk too much about all of them.

In the romance department, there really isn't anything new from the rest of the series. Except Jeff finally gets a hook up. Cassidy is coming to terms with the fact that she might have fallen in love with the Heartthrob despite how ungodly awful he is. Kelsey and Scot finally find each other again and decide that if they survive the battle with the Embracers they're going to get married. <3

This book is once again, told in tons of points of view. We have Alec, Scot, Jeff, Kale, Carlin, Cassidy, Nat, Falco Girl, Evans, Them, Denzel, and Gallo. Once again, this isn't something that bothers me because it's actually incredibly easy to tell the characters apart when they're talking. Which I love because I still don't really love multiple points of view.

If I were going to complain about anything about this book, I would have to say it was hard to get into right away. There are so many characters in this series and it was hard to remember what everyone was up to when the last book ended since it's been a bit since I read it. But once I remembered who everyone was and what they were doing and why, it was a lot easier to get into.

Also, I didn't understand Lea Gallo's storyline in this one. It was interesting to see what she did and I think it may have set something interesting up for the sequel series, THEIR DEAD WORLD, but I didn't see how what she did contributed to the saving of the world. I think whatever she did just ended poorly for everyone involved!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and series! It has easily been my favorite series that I've been asked to review and I can't wait to see what happens in the sequel series! If you're a fan of The Walking Dead or zombies and aren't bothered by gruesome deaths and violence, you might enjoy this series as well!

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