Top Ten Tuesday (#17)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish!

This week's topic is Ten Wishes I'd Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me! This will be fun!!

1. For my first wish, I would ask for a magical system where every book I added to my To Read shelf on Goodreads would show up on my bookshelf. This would be so amazing and also so horrible in terms of running out of space.... fast.

2. Next, I would wish for all of my ARC requests to be granted. This would probably also end up being horrible in terms of space and also time. But also it would be soooo awesome!

3. I would also wish for my house to have a library room! One that has a cute little reading nook in it somewhere. Maybe a window seat or something. I would love that! I have some nice views out the windows at my house!

4. I would request that the book genie bring Celaena Sardothien to life to be my real life best friend. Also Fleetfoot. That would be so awesome! Because she likes books and chocolate and shopping for pretty clothes and what more could you possibly ask for in a best friend?!

5. I would wish for Liam Stewart to be my real life boyfriend as well. On the side. I kinda like my current boyfriend. But Liam is soooo sweet and adorable and he would probably be the perfect boyfriend.

6. I would wish for there to be a fun book event somewhere near me! Like in the Black Hills somewhere. That would be fun for any authors or anyone else who would have to come here for such a thing! And it would totally be worth it for everyone because there's lots of fun stuff you can look at and I would get to go to a book event!

7. I also wish that I could go to all the amazing book events that are far away from me! I would just wish that I had the power to teleport to the locations of the book events and an unlimited supply of money specifically for such events. If only...

8. I wish that I could meet Alexandra Bracken! Because she is the best ever! And it would make my life!

9. Another wish would be for there to be a bookstore somewhere closer to me than 2-3 hours. There was a used bookstore/coffee shop in the town I live near, but I don't think it's open anymore. Also, I think I checked it out once and it was basically like all old Danielle Steele books or other really old looking books. Like all trashy romance novels. Also, there is a ShopKo here, but I swear they have the most random selection of books on the face of the planet. I probably wouldn't need this because of wish #1, but maybe I'll feel like going out to browse or something.

10. I would wish that the library near me would be better! They're not very big and don't have a wonderful selection of books. I think that they mostly have services for littler kids. They are always advertising library things on the radio for little kids. They need to work on the YA section! I could help! I would wish that they would give me a job and let me fix it! Or something.

So those are my wishes! What are some fun things that you would ask the book genie for? :)


  1. Okay your list is amazing!! #1 is AMAZING. Can this be real?? 2-yes!! I wish I could get all the ARCS, especially Glass Sword. Okay I give up, every single one of your wishes are amazing. Love them all!

    1. Thank you! Number one would be so bad, but yet so good. So would number two. But they would be so fun! This list was really fun to make!


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