Truthwitch Tuesday: #MySeaFox Coloring Competition

Sunday, October 25, 2015

This week instead of doing a tag of any kind, I will be posting my sea fox picture for the Truthwitch Tuesday coloring competition! I'm gonna do a whole blog post on my sea fox so I can give her an overly elaborate background story.

If you want to join in the fun, check out THIS post!

I chose the name Nixie for my sea fox! According to the website I am looking at while writing this, it is German and means 'little water sprite'.


So I am going to give my sea fox the traits of the water sprites of various folklore tales.

The following snippet is a little description of a sea fox from the book that I got off of Nicola's blog post about the competition:
"When Ryber had described a sea fox, this was not what Safi had imagined.

     And she definitely didn't imagine that it would scream like the souls of the damned. A thousand layers screeched from the monster's mouth -- and then screeched from a second monster now towering over the Jana nearby."

One famous Nix of German folklore was said to sit on a rock and distract fishermen from the dangers of the reef with her voice. While, I don't fully know what a sea fox is or what they're like, from the little excerpt from Truthwitch provided and this little tidbit of Germain folklore, I'm going to say that Nixie here likes to sing. And I have decided that she's the got the prettiest 'souls of the damned' scream of all the other sea foxes. While it might only make your human ears bleed a little bit, it's a top screech amongst the sea foxes. She likes to elegantly swim through the water as though she were dancing.

Ancient Greek mythology talks of water nymphs said to guard fresh water bodies for the gods. SO weaving that information into my post here, I will say that she is VERY protective of her home. That's her singing and frolicking space and she doesn't take kindly to intruders. While she's generally a laid back sea fox, she won't tolerate your crap in her watery domain.

According to Japanese lore (which mostly contains some really creepy stuff about 'river imps') when the water sprites are feeling kind and generous, they are supposedly skilled teachers in the arts of bone setting and medical skills. SO with that said I'm going to say Nixie is caring (because it takes a caring individual to set bones and do medical stuff, I'm kinda struggling for what to say here) and will do anything to help her fellow sea fox.

Also Japanese lore says that they like to try to lure cows and horses to their watery deaths. So I think that my lovely sea fox has an insatiable appetite for horses (because they suck).

So long story short, Nixie here is:

-a rockstar with sweet dance moves.
-a very protective guardian of her watery realm.
-laid back but won't take your crap.
-caring and helpful to her fellow sea fox.
-an eater of stupid horses.

So, that's a little bit about my sea fox! Did anyone else color one? I would love to see it!


  1. I NEED TO COLOR MINE! Great reminder, thank you, Cyra. I love you description!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Glad I could help! Haha! Can't wait to see yours! :)

  2. I love this - such beautiful colors! And again, Nixie is such a pretty name - it's too bad it's for such a mischievous sprite. :D

    1. I really like how the colors turned out! I didn't really go in with a plan. I just kinda went with it. Haha! And I really like that name as well! I just looked up a list of names on google that have meanings that deal with water! :)

  3. Nixie turned out great!!! I've seen lots of people doing this on Twitter but I didn't realize where it came from. It looked like a lot of fun.

    1. Thank you! It was so much fun! There's still time to enter, if you want!


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