Discussion: Read Alongs

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Today's discussion post is going to cover read alongs. Specifically, what do you like to see in a read along? Do you like read alongs as like a big event with giveaways, chats, discussion questions, etc? Or are you more the type who thinks all that stuff is unnecessary? Just schedule a time to read the book and get on with it?

I'm asking because I kind of want to host a read along at some point this next year. I have a lot of ideas beyond just reading the book and being done with it. 

I guess there's not a whole lot for me to discuss here. I haven't taken part in very many read alongs yet. I think I've only done one. I started The Lunar Chronicles Read Along hosted by Brittany at The Book Addict's Guide. I didn't end up finishing it because I didn't particularly care for the series, but from what I remember of that read along, she made a tag and one person per month of the read along who used the hashtag on twitter or instagram would be chosen to win a prize. 

There was a Something Strange and Deadly read along I saw going around and they had discussion questions and lots of other things to promote Truthwitch. I didn't participate in that one, but everything looked really fun!

So yeah, do you prefer a read along to be just reading or do you think it would be rad to have more ways to participate if maybe you want to take part, but don't necessarily have the time or desire to read the books with everyone else? I think that all the extra things would be super fun, but what kinds of extra things would you like to see?

I would GREATLY appreciate any and all suggestions for what you think would make a wonderful read along as I have never hosted anything before and I want it to be SO AWESOME!


  1. I haven't participated in many readathons! But I do like it when things are more laid back (a long enough time frame for me to read it on my own time, not many complicated elements, etc.). Giveaways are a cool bonus and could attract more people into a readalong, but it doesn't really matter to me if there's any or not. Extra things are fun! A lot of people love chats. You could ask people to share one of their favorite quotes from the book/series, but in a creative way (drawing a picture to go with it, taking a photo with the quote in it, creating something digitally). If there aren't a ton of people participating, you can have a DM chat! I'm currently participating in a readalong that has one of those for the series.

    Good luck with organizing the readalong! If I think of any other suggestions, I'll find you on Twitter.☺

    1. I love twitter chats so I feel like it would be super fun to do one. I really like your idea for sharing a quote! I have SO many ideas for this and I want to do every single one of them, but I'm afraid I'm gonna bite off more than I can chew. Oh well, it will be SO FUN! Thanks for the suggestions! :)


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