Love-A-Thon 2016: Mini Challenge #1

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hello lovely readers! I am here doing Mini Challenge #1 for the Love-A-Thon hosted by AlexaCeeHazel, and Mel!

Mini Challenge #1 is Mix and Match! The goal is to mash up a non-bookish hobby/passion/fandom with your bookish life!

So because I also enjoy playing video games in my free time and am pretty much in love with the Legend of Zelda franchise AND have a small passion for photography, this is what I came up with.

Okay, so obviously since I like photography, I took a picture. Maybe not a beautiful picture, but I was kind of shaky when I took it so this was the best non-blurry photo I got! I'm not a fantastic editor yet, but I tried!

The books I chose are just books that I can vaguely connect to the Legend of Zelda story.

In Snow Like Ashes, Meira is chased from her kingdom by a sinister evil and has to take it back with the help of a brave hero. Mather or Theron could work as the hero, they both helped, right?

In The Kiss of Deception, Lia flees from an arranged marriage (which is not really following the LoZ storyline, but bear with me). She is pursued by a prince who wants to save her and an assassin who is set to kill her. Granted, Link is not a prince and Ganondorf is not an assassin, but they both kind of pursue her! Link to save her, Ganondorf to steal her piece of the triforce. Once he gets that, I'm sure he wouldn't be opposed to killing her.

See, pretty vague, but again, I tried.

Since you can't see all the games featured, I shall tell you what they are if you are curious:

Hyrule Warriors
Wind Waker
Twilight Princess
Skyward Sword

Also, I have that lovely plant in the photo, I have really been liking the whole idea of gardening. I think that's gonna end up being a new hobby of mine. I have a bunch of succulent plants that I bought this past summer and I've only killed one of them! And I snatched this plant from my grandma's house when she moved this last year and it's STILL ALIVE! So I'm probably gonna try harder to plant a garden this year. Since I've proven that I can keep things alive, you know.

Do you share any of the same non-bookish hobbies as I do? Let's talk about them!


  1. I LOVE this post! I also Mix and Matched with video games. I picked Dragon Age and the Throne of Glass series. I know they aren't really alike but they are both High Fantasy so I think they go together. I haven't played any Zelda games in a LONG TIME. I should really fix that. And I LOVE your picture, it looks great!!! YAY Snow Like Ashes. (I need to read Ice Like Fire soon!)
    Great post!
    Stephanie @ My Bookish Itinerary

    1. Yay for video games! I have never played Dragon Age, but if your paired it with Throne of Glass, I may have to check it out. I honestly don't venture out beyond LoZ very often, but perhaps I ought to change that! You definitely should play you some Zelda! I should pick my game back up soon! :) And yes to reading Ice Like Fire soon! It was pretty darn good!

  2. OMG I love this photo!!!! I'm planning on re-playing all of the Zelda games I have for my 3DS / Wii / Wii U this year<3 I totally just added your site to my Feedly based on this photo alone!!!

    1. Yay! I'm glad you love the photo! :) Replaying all the zelda games sounds like the BEST plan! I'm currently playing Spirit Tracks! It's pretty awesome! Are you so excited for the Wii U Twilight Princess with the Wolf Link Amiibo?! I am!

  3. I have NEVER played the Legend of Zelda. I wonder if I'd like it! I do play video games, though I don't do it as often as I did in college and high school. I'm just replaying old (old old) favorites right now, but maybe I should try playing Legend of Zelda!

    1. If you like open world adventure games, you'd probably like Legend of Zelda! Old old old favorites are fantastic to play too! But I would STRONGLY suggest LoZ. My favorite is Ocarina of Time, I think that would be a great place to start! :)

  4. Great way to take this challenge! I'm not into videogames, I only own and play The Sims, but I love playing LOTRO (which is a MMORPG) :)

    1. I've never played The Sims before! It kind of sounds like fun, so maybe I'll have to try it out! And I've never heard of LOTRO! I might have to check it out!


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