Top Ten Tuesday (#12)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature created by The Broke and the Bookish!

This week's topic is Top Ten Finished Series That I Have YET to Finish! Being totally real right now, I don't generally not finish a series. So I think that basically all of the series that I haven't finished are either because they aren't finished or I haven't started them yet. But let's see...

1. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
At this point, this is probably a totally repetitive book to even bother to list, but I haven't finished this series and I won't.

2. I read this book a looooong time ago and I actually enjoyed it, but I just have not gotten around to reading the next one.

3. The last one of this series comes out this month, is that close enough? I'm probably not going to finish this one. I found this book to be interesting, but not so interesting that I ran out for the second one which is weird for me.

4. I really liked Anna and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door, but I just haven't gotten around to buying this one yet.

5. I read books one and two of this series in high school when they were still new. I remember not really caring for them.

6. I really liked this book as far as I can remember, I don't think there were anymore out when I read this. I probably will someday finish this one.

7. I liked this one too. I will probably someday finish this series too.

8. I might finish this one. I didn't love it. I thought the characters acted weird so I don't know what I thought of it.

9. I read like three of these books in middle school. I didn't even know there was more than three til recently while perusing Goodreads.

10. I am pretty sure I liked this book, I think I just forgot about it! I would probably finish this one!

So, this list was a lot easier than I expected it. I forgot about a lot of these! What are some finished series that you have yet to finish?


  1. I haven't finished Stephanie Perkins's series either. :( I liked Anna but didn't feel any particular drive to read the rest of the series, and now I probably won't. I've heard iffy things about the last 2 books anyway. I enjoyed The Luxe series though! I read it a long time ago and I really enjoyed the time period and Godbersen's descriptions of ballrooms and dresses. :P I've wanted to revisit it for awhile.

    1. I really liked Anna, Lola was pretty good. But I just felt like Lola was a kind of a weird girl. Maybe now that I'm older and more appreciative of books I'll like the Luxe series more. I found it kinda dull in high school. I may have to revisit it!


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