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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Today, for my discussion post I'm going to share some Throwback Thursday memories! I just scoured my Facebook page and saved a crap ton of pictures from high school and such! And to make this post not just a photo album, I will share a little story to go with them.

This photo is a throwback to last spring! It was calving time and it was cold and dreary and we were trying to get all the cows and calves into the barn to keep warm, but a lot of the calves didn't want to move (and of course they were as far from the barn as they could be). So we (we being the BF and I) each had to take a separate ranger and haul the calves one at a time to the barn. I was trying to hoist one into my cab when this particularly nasty cow came looking for her calf and I panicked and fell into the enormous puddle this calf happened to be standing in. Good times. Good times.

I think this is a throwback to summer of 2012! There was a lady in the town we live in offering her photography services for old time photos. I had tried to get the BF to take these photos with me for my 21st birthday when we were in Deadwood, SD. He said we could do WHATEVER I wanted, but he managed to drag his feet just long enough that we didn't have time to do it. It was the only thing that I absolutely WANTED to do while we were there and he foiled my plans. But I finally talked him into it. The lady who took the photos didn't cash my check for almost a YEAR and it made switching banks when I moved from home really difficult because I couldn't completely close my checking account.

I think this photo is 2011! It was my first time going to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally! We went to a concert (Toby Keith) at the Legendary Buffalo Chip and we happened to meet Rupert from Survivor! He was always my favorite!

This is from 2011! This was the night I met the BF! The top photo is our first picture together! He quizzed me all night on the information he gave me about himself. What was his name? Where was he from? What was he going to college for? It was interesting! The bottom photo is my friends and I after we stuffed ourselves into the bathroom closet to take pictures... Why did we do that? I don't have a clue.

It's not really a throwback unless you include a baby picture, is it? I'm the one in the blue. So this is probably like 1991-1992! :)

This photo is from 2010-2011. It was the first and only dance I went to at my college. We had a blast and then we went back to the friend's house that we were all staying at and decided we were hungry. So we waited until almost 4 am to drive back to town (like a 20-25 minute drive) so that we could get breakfast from McDonald's. Fun fact about this night: I had just been to the dermatologist to have some warts or something removed and I had one on top of my foot and it managed to get hideously infected and someone stepped on my foot at the dance and by the time I got home, it was so swelled up that I could feel it jiggle when I walked. I RACED to the doctor's office the next day for antibiotics!

These two photos are from 2009! This was my senior keg party! The top photo is my dad with one of my friends! The bottom photo is me helping another one of my friends use the potty when I showed up to pick up my dad. Yes, I picked my dad up from my own keg party. I have never really had any interest in drinking.

These two photos are probably 2009 as well. I think they're from my senior year spring choir concert! The bottom one is my little group of friends (we called ourselves 'The Fabulous Five') posing after the concert. The top one is what we usually did after a concert. We'd head to the local bar and grill and grab supper and hang out! I was SO SKINNY BACK THEN!

This is my junior prom! The theme was Passport to Paris (this was my suggestion, I was pumped). Interesting facts about my junior prom: The lady who altered my dress over altered the halter top part. So the straps were too short and the girls didn't sit where they were supposed to and it just felt WEIRD! Also, the guy I went with was the third person I asked! I was like scared of boys back then, but I really wanted a date. Haha! The first person I asked was the new kid because I was like 90% sure no one would ask him and I was 100% wrong. The second one was a freshman who was friends with the date of one of my friends so she suggested I ask him. He said he'd think about it, never got back to me, and went as a waiter. I finally asked this other freshman and he said yes. THANK GOD! I was running out of options!

This was, I believe, 2014?? The BF took me to the barn to show me something and it turns out that something was my very own calf! It was a twin calf and the mother only wanted the other one so this one became a bum (bottle fed calf). She she was a twin with a bull, apparently that means that she wouldn't be able to have calves herself so it was suggested that I sell her. I hated it!! But dang it, I loved the check I got. :((((( SHE WAS SO SWEET! Even after she got put on a cow that lost her calf, she would still come up to me and sniff my hand!

This was my first time halter breaking a colt. Probably 2011? I didn't realize at this point in my life how terribly much I would come to hate horses and halter breaking them. Somehow I managed to get suckered into helping with ALL the stupid colts now that I live here. I absolutely LOATHE this time of the year.

This is my graduation party in 2009! One of my friends got me a goldfish as a gift! Her name was Shelley!

These two are from my senior prom in 2009! My date picked me up from the grocery store because I wanted to show off my dress to all my coworkers before I left. So my first prom pictures from my senior year were at work! The bottom photo is my corsage. It's SO COOL! I loved it!

I think this was my first time visiting my mom after she moved to Indiana... maybe 2008?? We were tubing at like Sugar Creek or someplace similarly named and we came across this interesting group! This picture cracks me up and I had to share it.

This is from sometime when I was in HS. I'm gonna say 2007! This girl was my best friend at the time. We were wandering around town at an indecent hour and she was snatching various little tricycles out of people's yards to test them out on the biggest hill in town. I was just the photographer because I was scared of getting in trouble. Don't worry, we returned all the toys!

These two are from my 8th grade trip to Washington DC! I think it was in 2005! The top picture is one of my friends and I in the stocks at Williamsburg, VA!

The bottom one is at one of the memorials. This is all the girls from my class that went. I'm right smack in the middle! My dad made me carry a fanny pack with me!! I hated it with a passion so I carried it around like a purse! At this particular monument, I didn't get the zipper on my fanny pack all the way zipped and my wallet with ALL of my money in it fell out! Thank GOD some really nice girl saw it happen and gave it back to me! My friends were all giving me crap and telling me how stupid I was for taking all my money with me everywhere. Who was stupid and didn't have any of their daily money left when we got to the place all the trips get their souvenir DC sweaters from? It wasn't meeeee! So I had to help out most of my friends with their sweaters because they didn't bring enough money! HAHA YA JERKS!

I would have picked better photos from my trip, but I didn't put very many of them on Facebook I guess.

Well, I think that's all for this Throwback Thursday post! I hope you enjoyed my stories!

Do you have any fun stories to share? Did any of you have a class trip to Washington DC in school? Share something interesting with me in the comments!

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