Stacking the Shelves (#42)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews to highlight books received each week!

During the week of May 7th - 13th, I got...


I finally got the ACOMAF preorder tote! I wasn't positive that this was actually coming because I had the most dreadful time getting my preorder proof to go through! But it's here!


Thank you St. Martin's Press for this very interesting book! It's based on the tumblr blog, Have any of you ever heard of it? I don't really get a lot of them, but the ones with characters and authors that I know are pretty funny and spot on!


This was a gift from my sister. I had it preordered, but then I wanted the Target version for the bonus story so since it wasn't out early in either Target I was able to get to the weekend before it came out, I had to buy it the next weekend after it came out when I had to drive my sister back home from being at my house for a week. While she was there, she was helping the BF with something in the barn and it was really mucky in there and she was wearing a pair of my shoes that weren't good for that and ruined them. She refused to just let it drop and was gonna buy me a new pair, but I made her buy me this instead. Everyone's happy.

What is the coolest thing you got this week? As awesome as ACOMAF and it's tote are, I think that Literary Starbucks must be the coolest thing I got.


  1. I love the tote and the literary Starbucks! You got ACOMAF! I hope you enjoy it. It got it too this week. :)

    1. Literary Starbucks is kind of fun! I have been getting a bit of a kick out of it! I hope that I enjoy ACOMAF too even though I think I already basically know what's happening because no one on twitter can SHHH!

  2. I have not heard of Literary Starbucks. I will have to check it out. Your sister sounds very nice. I love the cover of ACOMAF. I hope you love it. :)

    1. It's a pretty interesting book! I am enjoying it! I hope I love ACOMAF too, but I don't think I'm gonna be happy with the events.


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