Sunday, June 14, 2015

So, what are everyone's thoughts on e-readers? I personally really like mine. It took me like 6 months to decide on one... I don't like to make decisions. I went back and forth between a tablet or just a plain old thing just for reading. Then I went back and forth between a nook and a kindle. Then I gave up. Then I revisited the idea and decided on a plain old nook simple touch.

I came to that decision for several reasons:
1. It was on sale for Father's Day.
2. You can put your own photo as the screensaver!
3. It doesn't have advertisements they try to make you pay to get rid of.
4. Most importantly, the piece that plugs the cord into the wall was only $10 rather than $20 for the kindle one. But seriously why do all these companies make you buy chargers separately?! Insane.

I love having one for the fact that I live in the absolute middle of nowhere. The nearest book store is a 2 hour drive. So if I finish a book and NEED the next one, I can just hop on my nook and stop the suffering. And it's good for those novellas that don't always necessarily make it into book form.

I dislike it because all the reviews I saw in my intense research said that it will pay for itself eventually in the fact that books are cheaper... But in my experience that is not true. One book I bought on my nook was actually more expensive than the actual physical book. Maybe if you only shop in the free and 99 cent books, but I'm not about that life. I wanna get all the fun new books!! 

Also I would personally just rather have a physical book, but sometimes ebooks are more convenient.


  1. I have a reaaaaally old Kindle (like, third generation, from over four years ago), and I love it! It works great and I've never had an issue. At the time when I bought it, the wall charger came with the cord and the Kindle :) I got a Paperwhite last year, haven't really used it because I LOVE my old Kindle... but Paperwhites are amazing. And I use the same wall charger connection with the Paperwhite cord because, like you said, who makes you pay for the charger adapter separately!? Rude. LOL

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. I bought a Nintendo New 3DS (limited edition one, last in the store.. SCORE) and it didn't come with a charger at all! It wouldn't have been so annoying, but I had my sister buy it for me and send it to me (because once again, nearest place to buy anything cool is a 2 hour drive) and I didn't know I needed to buy a charger with it! Buuut, the whole charger was only $10 rather than just one piece. I don't understand why the people who charge you an arm and a leg for these expensive electronic items gotta charge you separately for a charger! UGH!


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