The Book That Really Got Me Into Reading!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I had decided that I was going to start doing the Top Ten Tuesday thing today.. But since the topic is top ten top ten tuesday topics, I guess I'll wait til next week.

So instead I am going to write about the book that got me really into reading!

I have always liked to read really. But it was mostly a book here and a book there. But the book that got me feeling like I constantly needed to have a book in my hand was definitely Delirium by Lauren Oliver!

I had heard a lot about this book on Tumblr and I had mixed feelings about it. I thought that it sounded pretty much awesome, but at the same time, I wasn't sure because a lot of the reviews I read said that it was kinda slow and they never gave it the best rating.

But I spotted it at Walmart one day and I went for it! And I am so glad that I did! I devoured that book in one sitting! And it was like the middle of the night when I finished it and I almost drove back to the nearest shopping town (like a half hour drive) just to buy Pandemonium. Buuut I refrained. I don't know how I managed, but I did. Probably because I was tired and it was dark and I probably couldn't have seen through my tears to make the drive anyway. That cliffhanger nearly killed me!

I read Pandemonium equally fast. And then I had the long, miserable wait for Requiem to come out. It was torture, but I did it. I think Requiem was my least favorite of the books. Mostly because Alex was in there and there wasn't hardly any Alex/Lena love going on and that disappointed me terribly. And you don't even get a solid answer at the end of the book as to what happens! You kinda get the jist of what probably happened, but I wanted concrete evidence. But I still LOOOVED them! And my amazon preorder of the book came a day early so you can bet that I ran home from work an immediately powered through it.

Anyway, what would you all do if you lived in a world where they believed love was a disease? Would you pull a Lena and hop the fence? Or take a needle to the brain and get the cure? I would most definitely be hopping the fence, especially if my love prospect was Alex Sheathes! I love me some Alex.

Did anyone watch the pilot episode for the tv show that never got picked up? I watched it when it was out on Hulu for however long it was on there for. I was really excited for that show, but I think I'm glad it didn't get picked up because I thought the pilot was kind of awful. But I was tweeting at Fox to pick it up and I used a quote from the book and Lauren retweeted me and I nearly expired.

Also, around the time that I read these books, Epic Reads had a contest going on for these books! You had to prove that you were the biggest fan and you could win a prize pack of all of Lauren's favorite things. I had a totally badass post (which I am currently searching for to post here). I basically made a collage of pictures recreating the story. But instead of love being illegal, reading was and everyone watched tv and I made my sister chase me with a cardboard box over her head painted like an angry television while I tried to leap over a fence... It's pretty awesome. I got first runner up, but I never got my prize! Oh well, I just wanted the glory of winning and everyone thinking I was awesome and I did get that.

*update* Found my contest entry!!! 

If you can't read it, it says:
1) 2013, a time where people would rather watch a story unfold on a television screen than let it unfold in their minds with a book. Reading is unheard of!

3) I hope no one catches me reading this!

4) My sign says 37 books. Like 37 brooks in the story? I'm so clever. And I built that fort with 37 books included. Several of them I bought specifically for this because they're mentioned! Also the running shoes and the orange are there because they have a significance in the story! I'm so awesome.

5) This book makes me deliriously happy!

6) *my sister in the evil TV hat* What are you doing?! Watch me!
*me* I'd rather die reading than live in front of the TV!

7) We must get to the Wilds!


9) I love you! Remember, they cannot take it!

Anyway, this post is probably super dull and boring, but I gotta make blog posts of something, right? :)


  1. Huh. I read Delirium. And hated it. LOL. I can't remember a time when I wasn't reading. My parents always had my siblings and I in the library - we'd check out 20-40 books at a time (between the three of us), and be back in the library within a week. Not really the case anymore since one sibling lives on his own and the other is graduating from uni this year and I get so many review books, but my point to all of that was - I have no idea what book got me into reading! Because I always have been. If that makes sense :D

    Awesome post, Cyra!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Haha. I haven't found anyone else really who likes it, but I just loved it! I have never really checked out library books because the town I grew up in never had one! And now the town I live near doesn't have a very big selection of books!


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