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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Since Halloween is right around the corner, I thought that I would discuss things that I like to do during Halloween! 
First of all, my Halloween jam is decorating pumpkins. Before I moved away from home, I entered the community pumpkin decorating contest every year. I won four years in a row! I never really carved the ones I entered for that contest, I liked to paint them more so.

So, the first pumpkin that I ever tried to win a contest with was for school when I was in college. Which I didn't win because there were other far more talented people than me that entered.

Me and another girl in my program worked on this one. Not pictured is his sweet Krusty Krab hat.

The next ones are all ones that I entered in the community pumpkin contest and WON with! Because I basically rock.

Cinderella's carriage! This one took a lot of work, but it was worth it!!

Another Spongebob attempt! I thought that the first one deserved to win so I made another. Also, I probably wasn't feeling very original.

Mike Wazowski! He was fun. A fun fact about this one, I bought a ridiculous amount of paint when I bought supplies so I went to return some and I was LUCKY enough to stand in line at customer service behind a lady who was returning over SIXTY items. Good times, good times.

My last pumpkin I decorated before I moved was a minion!

Since there is no pumpkin decorating contest in this town that I live near now, I entered a different kind of contest! In October, they have a contest called Bras for a Cause where you decorate a bra and they get raffled off and the proceeds go to a cancer foundation group. I tried my hand out at that my first year here and I failed. But my bra was pretty sweet.

SO besides the artsy parts of Halloween that are my favorite, this year I was fairly pumped to have my VERY OWN kitchen to make fall goodies in! I haven't made a whole lot yet, but this year I made pumpkin bread (one plain loaf and one loaf with chocolate chips) and caramel apples! The caramel apples were my favorite! I didn't do anything elaborate, I found some caramel wraps at the grocery store so it literally took me like five minutes.

Also food related, every year for Halloween my grandma makes homemade chicken noodle soup and everyone goes to her house to eat and then I usually take my little cousins out trick or treating. I haven't gotten to go for a couple years, but I get to go this year! I'm so excited! I don't think that I really have any little cousins that need an escort for trick or treating anymore, but oh well.
I also like to watch scary movies! Not necessarily so much actual horror or anything terribly gruesome like Saw (I cried during Saw III). But I like the more suspenseful, thriller types. I really like Practical Magic and The Others. This year I have only watched Sleepy Hallow so far, but I enjoyed that one! I want to watch a few more and I HAVE to get in Hocus Pocus! I think I'm going to bring that one home with me next weekend so I can watch it with my sister!
Then there's the fun of dressing my cat up. I bought him a Halloween shirt and a dinosaur costume. He hates me for it, I'm sure. But it's SO CUTE!


And to wrap this up, just a few other things that I like about Halloween are:
-Half price candy after Halloween! Reese's are my favorite!

-Haunted Houses! I think I moreso like the idea of them. One of the last haunted houses I went through I was with two friends and this group of three little kids came through with us. And like five seconds in those little kids were freaking out. So I ended up carrying one, one friend ended up carrying another, and the other friend ended up just wrapping her arms around the other because she was a bit too short to carry him. I was freaking out so hard that I didn't even notice until we got out that the little girl I was carrying had her hands death gripping my hair. There is a legit haunted house in the town I live near. It's called Scarecrow Hollow. It's in an old morgue and it's a guided tour and I'm too scared to go.

-Decorating my house! Since this is my first Halloween in my house and I could decorate, I whipped out all the decorations! But I'm too lazy to take pictures so you don't get to see this time. HA!
So! What about you guys? What are your favorite parts of Halloween? Do you have any fun traditions? Do you enjoy any of the same things as me? I would LOVE to hear from you!


  1. OMG the pumpkins are amazing! I like the minion ones especially (LOVE minions)! My family and I were never really into Halloween (my parents are foreign and their country doesn't have Halloween). I personally don't care for the holiday - I'm only in it for the candy. :D I've never been trick-or-treating or pumpkin carving! Never really bothered me. :)

    Happy Halloween, Cyra!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. I don't know that I've ever really been a big Halloween-er either. I just LOVE the spookiness and Hocus Pocus and decorating pumpkins. I don't really care to dress up or go to the Halloween parties or anything, but I will always hit up the pumpkin decorating contests!


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