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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Today I'm doing the Cinderella Book Tag! I stumbled across this tag on Brin's Book Blog! I borrowed the graphics from her post as well because they're SO SO SO PRETTY!

Easy enough question. I hated a lot of the characters in A Court of Thorns and Roses. I can't think of a book in this whole entire world with a character that I HATE more than Feyre's sister Nesta. She is horrible. I don't particularly care for the rest of her family either. I think they're a bunch of mooches. Also, nothing new, but I also hate Rhysand.

I will never answer a question like this with anything except Liam from The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. He is so amazing and it's entirely unfair that he is fictional.


Ismae, Sybella, and Annith from the His Fair Assassin series always have St. Mortain watching out for them.

Seeing as this prompt is helpful CREATURES, I'm going to answer this question with my cat. Even if he's kind of an A-hole, he makes me happy.

The most recent book that I didn't care for that I was most disappointed about was The Word For Yes! I was so excited to get an advanced copy of that book, but it was just a huge let down for me. I wanted to love it so bad, but most of the characters were so dumb!

I think that Celaena Sardothien goes through a pretty legit transformation. Specifically in Heir of Fire. When she finally realizes that she can be a queen. She's still her same sassy, badass self, but I think that she makes a lot of really good, big changes.


Since I really don't know how I want to answer this question, I'm just going to say that Ruby from The Darkest Minds inspires me to be courageous because I think that SHE is SUPER courageous! I love her. She's my favorite ever. She becomes SO strong and brave throughout the series and I want to be her!!!!


I can't really think of a book that I felt had a PERFECT ending! I thought that the endings to the His Fair Assassin trilogy and The Grisha trilogy were both very satisfying! But maybe not PERFECT. 

I tag all of you lovely people reading this post! :)


  1. I'm so glad you put The Darkest Minds in here twice, because I love that series!!!

    1. The Darkest Minds is my favorite series ever! If I can put that as an answer on a tag, I usually do! Haha! So good! Liiiiiiam I looooove you!


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