Discussion: Novellas

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Today I want to hear your thoughts on novellas! Do you love them or hate them?

Personally, I love them! If it's a series that I just adore, I crave as much extra content as I can get my hands on!

I love getting the points of view from other characters that I love! For example, in the Delirium series, I was DELIRIOUSLY happy (how clever am I?) to get the short story from Alex's point of view. Because I loved Alex with all of my heart. He was so sweet and amazing and just WRONGED!

I love the short stories that clue you in on how certain things happened in the main story! Especially the ones that make you go OH MY GOD!!! Like the HUGE betrayal that put a lot of things in motion that you learn about in the Hana story!

Also the short stories that show a different point of view during a big scene, but also can drop some huge FEELS BOMBS on you! For example, if I remember correctly, I believe the Raven short story does that pretty well!

Or the short stories that give you backstory on certain, lesser known about characters! Like Annabel!

It's especially fantastic when they all get put together and printed in a convenient little book! Like, for example, The Delirium Stories!

I don't know how obvious it is to you guys, but I really loved the Delirium series! And writing about it like this gives me a good idea for a future discussion post!

I have heard things from the point of view that novellas are essentially a waste of money. I can see that. It doesn't always seem like it's worth it to pay for so little content, unless they're all published together. But that personally doesn't bother me. I have to use my debit card ten times a month to keep my savings account free so if I don't have ten purchases on it at the end of the month, I go buy novellas on my Nook. Works out perfectly for me!

What are your thoughts on novellas? Love them or hate them? What are your favorite novellas? What books do you think would benefit from a novella and what exactly do you think it would be fun to see in said novella?

To answer my own last question, I think it would be cool to get a novella from Tamlin's point of view during some events in A Court of Thorns and Roses! Specifically, what's going on in his head when he ends up with Amarantha and what he thinks when he sees all that creepy sh!t going down with Rhysand and Feyre. I think that would be a good novella!


  1. I really only read novellas if they are a part of a series that I really love. Otherwise, I usually don't bother... Currently I really want to read the These Broken Stars novella! I just finished the series, and now I'm pretty much desperate for extra content hahaha.

    1. I read the These Broken Stars novella and I enjoyed it! I think I liked it better than I liked These Broken Stars! I need to read the rest of that series, but it bugs me when books in a series don't center around the same characters!

  2. I love the Alex and Hana novellas! Well, I don't love Hana (I had her figured out before her novella was released) but I think the novella gave good insight into her head. I enjoy novellas, I have only read one where I thought it was unnecessary but otherwise, they are a great way of providing the reader with extra information about the characters in the series that they love =)

    1. I don't think that I had Hana figured out before I read it. I think I was pretty floored when I read that! I love all the extra information that novellas provide! I can think of one novella I've read that I thought was pretty pointless and didn't add anything to the overall story. I just love novellas!


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