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Sunday, January 24, 2016

I was inspired by WeWork to post about my workspace. They have beautiful shared office space and offer tons of benefits and discounts for people who freelance, run their own business, or are looking in to creating a start up!

I was asked to share my current workspace and what I love about it. Share what keeps me feeling productive and creative. Well, I don't have a lovely, creative, inspiring workspace yet. I work in a dusty, dirty warehouse at a standing desk with a computer and a stack of void fill paper on it. Nothing pretty about it except I taped my Christmas cards to it this year.

At home, I haven't gotten around to creating my dream workspace yet. I blog from my couch in front of my television. 

So, for my post today I'm going to describe my dream workspace!

I know exactly where I want to set it up. I want to rearrange the addition of my house and put my set up in front of the windows beside my bookshelf.

Please ignore the hideous mess in this picture. I was working on getting a new bookshelf for my paperbacks when I took this picture and I was also telling myself I need to take down the Christmas tree!!

But basically I want to put my set up in front of the above featured window.

Workspace Inspirations

From this picture, I like the desk. I don't really want a desk with drawers on it, maybe one drawer, like right underneath the tabletop part. I want one with a nice, big surface area and no storage on the surface so I have more room. That is the kind of desk that I want, pretty much exactly. I can't find one anywhere though!

I want to get a bunch of pretty framed prints to hang up around the area. I found all of these prints on Society6 under the pop art section! I really love the Game of Thrones one! I think that would definitely make it from blog post to wall in real life.

For the windows, first of all, I want the blinds gone. I want curtains of some kind instead to cover the windows. Also, I want a bunch of tiny, adorable potted succulents to line the windowsill behind the desk. I think that would look super nice!

I would obviously have to get some cute desk accessories as well! <3

Beyond all that, I want more bookshelves around the space and a cushy desk chair I can twirl in. There are probably a ton of other things I would want there, but for starters, these are the things I really want!

And that, my friends, is my ideal creative workspace in a nutshell.

What would your ideal workspace look like?

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